things i like:
rock'n'roll, country, punk & metal.
bands that combine all four successfully.
design, graphic & interior.
the intersection of philosophy & sociology.
andrew wk.
emergent gameplay, of the videogaming variety.
deep fried everything.
making lists
, including this one of my life's ambitions, and these of things on my mind at the time.

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i took a trip! read about it here.

evidence of my lame yuppie side on my (gasp!) house blog here.

Last night's sleeptalking:

  • [It should be pointed out that I ate a big ol' poutine at 10pm last night, and a fist sized piece of raw daikon earlier in the evening, and that this happened after I apparently rolled over and laid a noisy kiss on Andrew's shirt.]
  • "It feels like you're still reading to me."
  • Okay. What do you mean?
  • "Well it just feels like, you know, like you're still reading to me. Does it feel like you're still reading to me?"
  • No.
  • "Why not?"
  • Because I'm not reading to you.
  • "Oh, okay."