things i like:
rock'n'roll, country, punk & metal.
bands that combine all four successfully.
design, graphic & interior.
the intersection of philosophy & sociology.
andrew wk.
emergent gameplay, of the videogaming variety.
deep fried everything.
making lists
, including this one of my life's ambitions, and these of things on my mind at the time.

feedback: @angelidotca or ask me anything you'd like here.

i took a trip! read about it here.

evidence of my lame yuppie side on my (gasp!) house blog here.

It’s audit time on my show tonight… everyone I play on BVST tonight between 7 and 9pm gets paid a few extra cents on their next performance royalty cheque (or so the theory goes). You can expect heavy CanCon, lots of my friends and favorites, and a couple of defunct bands that I love dearly. Which brings me to my question… if I play long dead bands like the Bitchin’ Camaros, Scissorfight, Kill Cheerleadër, Cursed, Cobra Noir, etc., do they still get paid?