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Scissorfight - Drunken Hangman

The video is labeled incorrectly as Helicopter Killing Cottonmouth, but don’t be fooled.

I’m on a nostalgia trip today, remembering what it was like seeing Scissorfight play at Foufounes on November 19th, 2002. They opened for Clutch, but everyone arrived fashionably late for the headliner, so there weren’t that many people for Scissorfight’s set, and those that were hid in darkness under the safety of the upstairs balcony overhang.

I was with Véro, who had gotten me into the band a year or so earlier, two small girls in what was predominantly a big ol’ sausage fest. We were super into it, but intimidated by the huge expanse of open floor between us and the band, and as they ripped through their set, Ironlung would lean out over the stage and glare at us as only he can… if you’ve seen it, you know exactly what I mean. He exhorted the crowd to come closer, and we would, a step or two at a time, until it felt like it was just us in the middle of the floor and the band destroying on stage.

My memory fades from that point. What’s left is just a ghost of what it felt like to be there… the ground shaking under my feet, the legitimate thought that the floor might not hold, the low frequencies rattling through my gut, down my legs, up my spine, the punishing decibels bludgeoning my ears… it was one of the most beatific moments of my life and it set the precedent for the feeling I’ve been trying to catch for the past eight years. Since that show, I’ve seen many heavy bands, some maybe even heavier than Scissorfight, and while several have come close, none have been able to replicate it. My fondest wish?

17. See Scissorfight live again. 

P.S. Marry me, Jarvis.



I’ve wanted to go there since last summer. The sings on 87n that say “Montreal 300 mls” make it seem so do-able. And it really was. I went last weekend with my room mate Linnea and our friend Amanda.  I had just met Amanda through Linnea but the ice was broken after the 7 hour car ride. It was a definite plus when they both liked listening to of Montreal in the car ride. We stayed at the hostel called Le Sous- Bois in old Montreal. For 17 a night it was amazing. The hostel was in the back of a hotel from the 1700s. The regular hostel had these bunk bed compartments made from recycled wood, infact almost everything was recycled. For the people who wanted to pay more to have sex there was a gypsy village in the court yard where these adorable box car (children) mini houses were.

The vacation was a typical young adult road trip, we didn’t go to any monuments only bars, clubs, discos and shopping.

Its so weird being somewhere where everyone is nice. Even the bums in Montreal were well dressed and bi lingual. I even saw a hipster bum and an attractive bum.

Unfortunatley I didn’t get any but for Linnea even the cat calls were nice, while walking home one guy said “Nice dress” and another said nervously “whats up?” So Sweet.

SO the two nightlife hot spots are St. Catherines Street and the Plateau.

The first night at the Plateau we saw four bands preform. Our favorite was Tracteur Jack, after their show we had a photo shoot with them. They were pretty talented and hilarious. We also saw Lemonade, Les Incendairs and Esker Mica. Don’t ask me wtf they mean.

The drinking age in Montreal is 12 so that was nice. We had Cosmopolitans and Champagne and other grownup drinks.

My fav night was saturday. We were wandering around st. Catherines. These Italien guys from Glouster Mass, where the Perfect storm is set, we walked with them for a while and tried to get into this club called opera, but  the bouncer looked at one of the Italiens and was like “Not with those shoes” so he went back to his hotel to get new shoes, and we were left waiting for forever with the other guys. Once of which was a dj from Italy. After a while it got ridiculous so we went to this club with a spider in the front for punk ass 17 year old French Canadians. It was a little lame, they played guitar hero music and had crappy beer. We met this nice guy named Mike there who goes to Mcgill the Harvard of Canada. We went back to his place and chilled, then the Italiens came there stayed for a bit and left.

Later on it was just me and Amanda, we were walking home with a map Mike drew us of Montreal. We stopped for a bit and met the three most fabulous gay guys in all of Montreal. They had a perfect dynamic. James was the queen bee and a hipster, Randay, or Paris Hilton was as described by his friends “the tropical one” he was also a diva, and then there was David the normal but hilarious one, though they were all hilarious. James convinced Amanda and me to go to this Electro club called Stereo. It was in the gay village and a gay club. It was the best club I went to in all of Montreal though. Everyone was gay, some people were half naked. There were professional dancers, guys and girls dressed in these slutty cow boy and girl costumes on a stage with rocking horses suspended from the ceiling. David said that they could have gotten better dancers though. So weirdly enough the club was open until 10 am. We stayed until 8 am. For 35 Canadian dollars it was worth it though. After we walked around together for a while until Amanda and I split up and got some breakfast and went back to the hostel.

Quotes from the gay guys.

Me: I don’t know anything about Canada, like did you guys have Native Americans, where are they what happened to them?

David: Well  a lot are in reservations and stuff…

James (cuts in) No, they’re dead, they’re dead, don’t worry about them.

James also told us that he never washes his jeans he just puts them in the freezer, that it gets rid of smells and germs. Really weird but I will try this.

Paris Hilton/Randay: Yes I met Paris once, she was really sweet. Most people think that me and her are just dumb blondes, but once you get to know us we aren’t.

The last day we bummed around the Plateau and made up this comic about a guy named prohibition man. I also got a list from a cutie at a record store of bands from Montreal or Canada, it is nothing I’ve ever heard of but I will download like (Les Breastfeeders, Dead Wife, Adult Crash, Aids Wolf) wtf is this shit.

Anyway Montreal is the best.

First person accounts of trips to your own city are the best. Also, Harvard of Canada? Keep dreamin’, Mike.