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I made a bunch of fools angry yesterday…

… on the internet, of course, where “anger” is a default setting, like “cat pictures” and “pornography”. They took offense to my comments and went on FREERANDYBLYTHE-ing all over the place, which is fine, since they’re entitled to their opinion, just as I am entitled to mine. 

It’s interesting to me to see what kind of response this elicited, since I thought that mine was quite even. In fact, I don’t believe I exonerated either party from blame, since I think dummies acting stupidly at shows often get what they deserve, and I also believe that lashing out in anger, maybe even deservedly, can often end up in blame for the terrible, unwanted consequences.

I wasn’t there, and I don’t know what happened. If this is legit, and Randy did contribute to a kid’s death, then he should be held responsible, in one way or another. If this is a shakedown, and he has no responsibility, then he shouldn’t. But I am not going to join in the Free Randy Blythe chorus of baaa-ing sheep just because Lamb of God is one of my favorite bands. I have seen them several times, and was even lucky enough to watch them from the stage. Over the past 7 years, I have met and/or interviewed every member of the band, except for Randy. Their music means something to me, and it means something to each one of their fans, but it doesn’t make them flawless human beings that are above reproach. 

I guess what I’m getting at is that, while I shouldn’t be, I was marginally surprised at all the “Randy is innocent” “Who cares, this happened two years ago!” and “The kid probably deserved it” comments swirling around this issue. In my experience, metalheads consider themselves to be more critical of mass culture than the average bear, and yet here they are, unquestioningly falling all over themselves to protect their “idol”, in regards to circumstances about which they have no knowledge. I suppose it’s been seen before, what with all the Varg apologists, but this is garbage that I associate with Chris Brown fans, not metal fans. 

Bottom line, being a fan doesn’t require unquestioning allegiance, and a person’s art can definitely be separated from their personal life, in fact, in many cases, it’s pretty much a requirement. I realize however, that this is a complex argument for the majority of people raging because I dared, DARED, to criticize moshing, crowdsurfing and stagediving, three activities that in no way, shape, or form make you look like a desperate, attention-starved loser. 

So let’s amend this statement, shall we? JUDGE RANDY BLYTHE FAIRLY.

Speaking of both Mark Morton and man-children, this is still my favorite part from the Killadelphia DVD. Randy’s ridiculous faux-Scottish accent makes me laugh to this day. Not long after this he unsurprisingly checked into rehab. Incidentally, Watching grown men who fundamentally like each other fight is something I enjoy almost as much as beards. “I wanted to hit him again. And I did.” Another gem? “Well, if that’s what you wanna do, lemme find a hair tie for you.”