things i like:
rock'n'roll, country, punk & metal.
bands that combine all four successfully.
design, graphic & interior.
the intersection of philosophy & sociology.
andrew wk.
emergent gameplay, of the videogaming variety.
deep fried everything.
making lists
, including this one of my life's ambitions, and these of things on my mind at the time.

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i took a trip! read about it here.

evidence of my lame yuppie side on my (gasp!) house blog here.

things that are on my mind:

my neighbor’s above ground pool is either perfecting its audition for the film DEATH POOL: THE POOL THAT KILLS PEOPLE, or it swallowed a badger. 

this should probably be a flood update, but i can’t be bothered to add it there, so i’m puttin’ it here. i was denied the opportunity to change my tanked water heater for a more cost effective and energy efficient tankless one. i was told it’s because it would have trouble getting water to the 3rd floor of my house… you know, since that’s the same problem a tanked water heater has, and the cold water pipe, for that matter. oh, wait…

that is but one nugget of “science” i’ve had dropped on me in the past few weeks. honestly, with what the average person around here knows about this stuff, i feel like i’m at a meeting of the mississippi board of education. 

the thing i wrote about the montreal mirror seems to have taken off somewhat. thanks to all of you for whom it resonated, those of you who chose to pass it on, and those of you that reached out to me as a result.

how full of all you can eat korean bbq i am right now. 

many know that geography is my weakest subject (as evidenced by my relatively recent discovery that slovenia borders italy). guess what i just learned today? spain has not one, but two, teeny tiny parts of the african continent in its domain. 

unignorable in the past few weeks? the consummate strength and integrity of the women in my life, and the comparative emotional frailty of the men in it. the truth hurts, brothers, but i still love you all. 

that 1.5l bottle of woodbridge cabernet that i plan on having for supper.

things that are on my mind:

dogs and bones? not always a good mix. :(

speaking of dogs, bret michaels’ exclusive line of dog products for petsmart isn’t nearly as exciting as i thought it would be. the cowboy chew boot is pretty rad, tho’.

frank ferrana jr., uh, i mean nikki sixx, has a tumblr.

everything i’ve said about minecraft is probably wrong. well, except for the “it’s ugly” part. that’s still true, but now it matters less.

i am thisclose to finishing kingdoms of amalur: reckoning, including nearly every side quest and storyline. i hope the dlc goes on sale this summer, so i can keep the obsession going…

remember the 300 ms points that were being given away to xbl rewards members? i got mine. in fact, as of writing this, i’ve gotten nearly 600 free points. not too shabby.

things that are on my mind:

if you have a playstation 3, and haven’t yet played journey, you probably should. this ~two hour game is a revelation, from the restrained graphics, to the simple, touching storyline, to the incredibly subtle multiplayer integration. it challenges the claims of all those developers putting out their nth iteration of the same game while complaining that they can no longer innovate on 7th generation consoles, with an experience that is unmatched by many full length games. and nary a crate in sight!

between cupcake & hokey pokey, theo hugstable, and caué, this weekend has gone for the dogs, in the best way possible.

you might want get a copy of the new one-off ralph wiggum comic, on stands now. it’s super cute (no surprises there!) and i was thrilled to see sergio aragones take on springfield’s favorite dimwit. how can you resist? he’s in mint conditioner!

if someone were to search my freezer thoroughly, i think they’d be in for some surprises.

there are so many shows good enough to get me out of the house in the next few months, it’s crazy. april 15? lucero. may 2nd? nashville pussy & the supersuckers. june 22nd, corrosion of conformity & torche. total cost? 54$, not horrid. i’d love to go see converge & burning love for an additional 20$ on the 5th of april, but that’s a low priority. far on the horizon lies the real prize fight, however… july 16th’s hairy alliance of def leppard, poison and lita ford, which i fear will lie somewhere in the 100$ range. tickets to those first four shows are available at soundcentral. i know there’s a couple of you out there who wanna come play, so lemme know if you’d like me to grab you a ticket to any or all of ‘em.

speaking of which, i watched the decline of western civilization part II, and i just don’t understand why i don’t look like everyone in that film all the time. 

i’ve written about my parasomnias/weird dreams here in the past, but these past few weeks have been out of control with regards to all this. maybe it’s the spring fever, but i’ve been acting out in my sleep a lot more, both physically and verbally. my dreams are especially intense, and while enjoyable, i wake up mentally and physically exhausted from the energy i’ve extended in these fictional worlds. 

are there any other people out there who feel like after a week or so of ~20 degree weather, we could totally be in for another snowfall?

things that are on my mind:

my regular sunday breakfast place is closed, and i am emotionally at sea as a result.

since my last post on this topic, i have had to curb my assrev and assbro playing somewhat, since it shoots my blood pressure up and makes me very angry, even (especially?) when i’m doing well.

in exchange, i’ve been using crackle a lot. i like to think of it like sony’s version of netflix, only completely free and filled with more garbage. over the past few days, i’ve watched jersey girl, rewatched jawbreaker (with its mandatory “90s buzz band plays high school prom” scene, this time featuring the donnas), and blonde ambition, which can be easily summed as “if willie nelson and ryan dunn (r.i.p.) can’t save this movie, neither can poor luke wilson, who twinkles his eyes as best he can but still can’t conjure any chemistry with jessica simpson and her combined 15lbs of ropey hair extensions and hastily applied makeup”. in fact, this movie commits a crime against filmmaking/storytelling so egregious that it’s almost inspiring: the meet cute with luke wilson happens as he’s working a construction job, and then, the very next day, he’s conveniently working in the mailroom at her new job! the plot hole is covered up by simpson’s character asking him “weren’t you wearing a hard hat the other day?” to which he replies something vague, and THERE I FIXED IT said the writer, and the film continues on schedule.

also, if you can’t tell, when left to my own devices i will pretty much only watch pure fromage. and no, it doesn’t give me any particular pleasure, and yet i STILL watch it.

tonight is the premiere of my strange addiction, featuring some nerdy dude and his romantic affair with his car, who he has cleverly named chase. this season will also feature: baby powder snorters, nail polish drinkers (i literally just gagged while typing this… i seem to have finally found something that turns my iron stomach), ear pickers, a woman who eats tape, and a woman addicted to boob jobs. 

three miserable things that make me laugh: dogs with cones, wet cats, and babies with glasses. 

i should be getting my copy of kingdoms of amalur this week and i can’t wait!

things that are on mind:

i have a reasonable expectation that no one is actually receiving my emails.

if my friends, family and friends/family of friends and family never moved, i would own next to no furniture.

thing that is on my mind:

I can sum up the thing that I most dislike about myself with this simple example:

Let’s say I have to take something apart in order to reassemble it at a later date. I am the kind of person who makes the special effort to meticulously organize, arrange, bag and tag all the individual parts… and then I end up misplacing them.

things that are on my mind:

my final reviews of this year’s Fantasia Festival films goes up tomorrow, so keep an eye out if yr interested.

i want so many shiny things, including a white kinect. one day…

the demo for from dust is extremely enjoyable. i can see why other people might not like it, but this game is pretty much made for me. also, it looks like tropico, in the best way possible.

did anyone else see the insane clouds of smoke blowing off the motel raphaël last night? “arson is suspected” is an understatement.

today is the first day of the 2011 gathering of the juggalos, so at least i know there will be good times and great photos up ahead.

UPDATE: but most importantly, WTF am i gonna eat for supper?

things that are on my mind:

what follows is just grouch, you are forewarned.

dear drunk girl fighting with your boyfriend in the park across the street at 3 am, as much as i like being shaken from my sleep by the sounds of someone getting raped and murdered, i get super fucking cranky when i discover that no, in fact, it’s not a good citizen of this city needing help, but some dumbass screeching and crying over some text message or weird look or whatever the fuck it was (it was hard to catch amid your histrionics). your boyfriend seems like one of those douchebags in nice guy clothing. if he makes you so miserable, get rid of him, but avoid scenes like that in the middle of the night, they desensitize people to the real sounds of human misery. you wouldn’t want your neighbors to sleep peacefully through that next time, would you?

while we’re on the topic, parents, you’d do well to learn something from the comment above. i know it’s sooo hard to teach your kids not to scream bloody murder when they’re out in the park or the yard. i mean, how else are they supposed to communicate joy, hunger, excitement? how else could they possibly get your attention? let me put it this way, i need to hear your kid’s persistent bloodcurdling shrieks for well over a minute or two before i even bother to look out the window, thanks to all the mommy’s precious angels desperate for crumb of their parent’s engagement. in that time, your little attila or brianna could very well become the next jon benet. hard to believe, but one reason that society invented manners is as a social code, that, when broken, would signal distress. too bad they interfere so grievously with precious personal expression, amirite?

also, revenu quebec, seriously, go fuck yourself. my total post-tax income for 2010 sat well below the poverty line, but you decided i owed you 100$ anyways. i send you a cheque, you send me some bullshit letter about the cheque not being traceable. i pay you by direct deposit at the bank, and you take not only that but then lift another 100$ from the tax credit you owe me? fuck you, this is the reason people build bunkers in the woods.

things that are on my mind:

Yay, it’s not 35 degrees anymore!

Last night, leaving the bar, I actually felt cold. It filled me with joy.

The reason I’m most glad that the heatwave is over is so that I can finally turn on my Xbox again.

Also, the trailer for Assassin’s Creed Revelations that they keep showing at Fantasia looks most excellent. Can we get some romance mini-games in the AC series, maybe something like in DA:O? … no reason.

Comin’ up: reviews of Clown (thumbs up), Detention (not enough thumbs to turn down), Monster Brawl (thumbs sideways), and Saint (thumbs mostly up).

I ended up chatting with Robert Maillet at the bar last night. You probably know him by his wrasslin’ name Kurrgan. I share this for one important reason, which is that he was part of the Oddities, who had a partnership with a little rap group you may have heard of named Insane Clown Posse, bringing the grand tally of people that I’ve met who have had a professional relationship with ICP to two. Yes, I gleaned every tidbit I could.

On an entirely different note, if aggressively pretty/scuzzy/scandinavian looking banger longhairs give you boners, you should follow fairsight.tumblr.com.

I’m now officially sleep deprived. On deck for tonight, Urban Explorer (German movie about urban spelunking), and nothin’ else!

things that are on my mind:

My to do list is still ~90 items long.

There is a fat, bearded City of Montreal worker in Québec flag hardhat dancing to the truck radio across the street from me.

It’s gonna rain all weekend, so STILL no St. Ambroise terrasse for me. Grrr.

I just remembered that this little project’s 2nd birthday was on 4/20, which should be an easy enough date to remember. Tumblr sent me a reminder last year. This year? Nothin’.

My nose hurts from the plant I just smelled. Turns out it’s not basil.

I’ve been working on lots of small projects over these last few weeks. One of them is this oh-so-metal ad for my radio show that will be appearing in this year’s Fantasia catalog.

"The Sims Is Coming To Facebook!" = bleeeeeeeargh.