things i like:
rock'n'roll, country, punk & metal.
bands that combine all four successfully.
design, graphic & interior.
the intersection of philosophy & sociology.
andrew wk.
emergent gameplay, of the videogaming variety.
deep fried everything.
making lists
, including this one of my life's ambitions, and these of things on my mind at the time.

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i took a trip! read about it here.

evidence of my lame yuppie side on my (gasp!) house blog here.

things that are on my mind:

my long standing wish of seeing a google maps car IRL finally came true this morning. i did not give it the finger, but the urge was real.

i interviewed uncle acid on the weekend, and it was lovely. watch this space, i’ll announce the airdate soon.

i need a new garment for my sweet new uncle acid back patch.

girls to the front, boys to the back. 

straight up though, are the majority of dudes practicing guitar until their hands bleed doing so to impress the bros and opinionated nerds crowding the first row of the stage? if so, let me know, maybe i just don’t understand this whole rock’n’roll bizness.

i’m wearing head to toe charcoal grey. i look like i fell through a chimney.

there is nothing better than seeing friends you haven’t seen in ages.

things that are on my mind:

the absolute worst thing you can do to a middle aged white guy is ignore him.

do people in the american south have more trouble counting syllables? this is an honest question.

remember this? daniel alfonso is back, this time slowly petting trimming roy oraschin’s beard. pour yourself a drink, light a few candles, then click here and treat yourself.

i have a problem with c___ine.

if you think i mean cocaine, you’d be terribly wrong. the truth is worse, and wildly socially acceptable. keep guessing.

the fantasia film festival starts tomorrow. this year i’m aiming for 44 films in 21 days, which is doable, but unlikely. normally i post a list of all the films i want to see, but in lieu of that, how about a list of those i absolutely don’t want to miss? boyhood, dead snow: red vs. dead (the sequel to the 2009 norwegian favorite about zombie nazis, this time inexplicably featuring martin starr?), metalhead, and yeah, i’ll admit it, guardians of the galaxy… but only because it seems to make intensive and gratuitous use of chris pratt’s abs.

things that are on my mind:

cognitive bias.

how quickly one can go from business as usual to bedridden.

he who controls the present, controls the past. he who controls the past, controls the future.


my discomfort with theoretical physics.

seriously tho’, y’all, how good is cosmos???

beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

things that are on my mind:

the decision not to buy kiss tickets this time around still weighs on me.

i heard a wan, whiny voice coming from the teevee in some simulacra of a rap song. i went downstairs, and saw it was a drake video. THIS is what everyone was freaking out about last year?

i always assume the worst about myself, so i’m always pleasantly surprised.

regarding this last point, see: organizing all my tax documents carefully, but then thinking i lost some of them while in actuality they were all tidily pulled together, waiting.

new low achieved this morning, when i was catcalled by firefighters while on the arm of a man. fuck you, heroes.

five to one, baby, one in five, no one here knows how to drive.

things that are on my mind (oscars & more edition):

among reality television contestants, referring to yourself in the third person is usually the biggest giveaway of mental instability.

the number of times a person attempts to casually solicit interest in their upcoming travel destination is directly inverse to the number of interesting places they’ve been in their life.

i was convinced we’d finish borderlands 2 this weekend. instead, about twenty new missions opened and the difficulty curved just soared. i enjoy the game’s grindiness, but this just feels like homework.

ikea meatballs may or may not contain horsemeat (at least in europe).

apparently the fact that i think seth macfarlane did a fine (read: hacky, predictable, amusing) job as oscar host means that i’m a racist, sexist, homophobe. personally, i thought it was tame, and i wish he’d been able to go harder, but since the rest of the world has already tied their knickers in knots over the juvenile and barely offensive jokes he did make, perhaps it’s for the best he didn’t.

fyi, perhaps it’d be best for next year’s oscars to have, you know, like a trigger warning in front of them? you know, ‘cause like, being reminded that rhianna is with a guy that beat her to a pulp, and that, like, the sound of music has nazis in it and like, some women go topless on film sometimes is like, deeply scarring?

also, fuck you.

oh, and apparently that ted bit about a post-oscar sex party is a rape joke, according to this lunatic, because “Nicholson’s pad is notorious for hosting Roman Polanski’s sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl”. okey dokey, then.

i was mostly weirded out that that the majority of twitter commenters who were offended by macfarlane’s “sexism” were white men.

here’s a list of things more offensive about last night than any of seth macfarlane’s jokes:

  • the average price of the garments on the guests, amortized over the amount of time they will be used.
  • that a high ranking member of the government was conscripted to announce an oscar winner, along with a backdrop of military personnel.
  • that the oscar in question went to a film that grossly rewrites history in a questionably jingoistic way.
  • that the same people that took offense to a joke about a perpetrator of domestic violence are active participants in a star system that has gone on to reward him time and again. case in point? that perpetrator was sitting comfortably at elton john’s oscar viewing party at the time that joke was being made.
  • that the value of the oscar gift basket this year is several thousands of dollars more than the average american salary… for a year.

how’s that for a start?

UPDATE: To be clear, I want to expand on my comment about Michelle Obama’s appearance last night, which is not coming from a partisan place. Over my lifetime, I have seen a distinct blurring between politics and entertainment. Whenever I see a sitting president or presidential hopeful and/or his family on

a) Entertainment Tonight, or the like,

b) People Magazine, or the like, or

c) any chat show that generally does not cover politics,

it makes me cringe. I understand that this might be my personal view, and that this might represent an old fashioned or out of touch way of thinking. While I do get that contemporary media tends to give equal weight to all issues, regardless of importance, and that politicians want to reach out to “the people” through the outlets that have access to the most ears and eyes, no matter how vapid, I don’t believe that it should necessarily be that way.

I understand that the office of the First Lady is mostly ceremonial. Traditionally, while campaigning, or once ensconced in the White House, the spouse of the president focuses on “soft” issues of a social and ceremonial nature. As an unpaid, unelected and unappointed role, the First Lady is not a government official. She is, however, considered a member of the Administration, and is a political figure in her own right, and while many might disagree, I feel that opening the envelope at the Academy Awards is absolutely beneath that role. 

That the right wing is jumping on this idea to further attempt to chip away at the Obama presidency is not a surprise, and frankly, if the issue of “dignity” is in question, I’d argue that many on the right should be the last to weigh in. Ultimately, I think this boils down to perception about the awards in general. To those who consider the Oscars to be a venerable institution that rewards the meritorious in a specific industry in a gracious and dignified manner, perhaps her appearance is not incongruous. To those who consider the Oscars to be a self-congratulatory circle jerk for the vain and ultra-rich, like I do, the presence of someone highly connected in the sitting federal government is embarrassing, no matter how likeable or glamorous. 

I guess my bottom line is, can’t we at least pretend that politics and entertainment haven’t become the same thing?

things that are on my mind:

lemmy doesn’t think you should vote for romney, because he is “a fucking monster”. lo, He hath commanded you thusly, my american friends, so you know what to do today.

over the past few weeks, i’ve renewed my love affair with assrev, or assassin’s creed revelations multiplayer, for the more punctilious among you. yesterday was a day of milestones, as i reached prestige 3, and then proceeded to shatter personal bests in wanted for the rest of the day. where my previous best score was 6550, i’ve now hit 9550 with 11 kills and 11 stuns (and an extreme variety bonus) in a room full of level 50+ players. fear me.

on a related note, this is still very, very relevant.

you know what the worst part of painting things is? the priming. lord, do i hate the priming. also, paint & primer in one? that’s a suckers game. 

today is tuesday, which means it’s meatball day at ikea. already have a full car, so if you wanna join you gotta get there on your own. 

oh hey, did you know i’m going to see zz top on wednesday? i’m going to SEE ZZ TOP on wednesday. WITH MY EYES. 

life is good.

things that are on my mind:

it hasn’t been long since i did one of these, but i don’t care.

also, i’m in a foul mood.

the reasons for this are many, and range from “hangover from falling into an unpleasant internet k-hole last night” to “disturbed sleep pattern” to “everyone is having fun without me”. 

should i be angered or relieved that the company hired to fuck up refinish my basement floors a second time (STILL NOT DONE, GUYS) haven’t bothered to show up yet today?

the one bright side so far today is that, being a lucid dreamer, when my dreams get too sci-fi-y (laser space gun, anyone?), i can just switch away like it’s television.

that’s how i managed to keep last night’s crime fighting dream realistic. this time i was assisting the most excellent stephen root as his sheriff character in red state. a machine gun standoff in a kentucky fried chicken was involved. 

shows you how fertile my imagination is… i’ve never been inside a kentucky fried chicken.

i’m off to lick my wounds and eat chocolate products. they’re sanctioned as approved breakfast foods, so this is less of a cheesy television stereotype than it sounds.

EDIT: well, wouldn’t ya know, today is national grouch day. how apropos.

things that are on my mind:

bret michaels has an official tumblr. it is mostly full of sweaty shirtless pics, so beware.

thus far, my newest electronic gadget has required as much time/labor/energy of me as it has saved me.

the other night proved that i do indeed sleep like the dead, and scoff in the face of giant layers of the earth’s crust rearranging themselves below my sleeping body.

also, like a fat uncle, i have fallen into the habit of eating a handsome dinner and then falling almost immediately asleep.

some guy being interviewed on cbc’s the current last thursday referred to boredom as possibly the biggest problem facing our society today. this realization (and the book he subsequently wrote) came to him after losing his iphone in the snow, and then finding himself in line at the bank without it. give this man the ig nobel prize for first world problems, for he is truly meritorious.

also, I’ve said this before countless times, but only the boring get bored.

it figures that the one night i don’t turn on my voice activated recorder is the one night I talk the most shit.

things that are on my mind:

i finished the main plot of red dead redemption the other night and cried a valley of tears. 

it was unexpected, because i usually try to avoid human emotions (with the exception of “hunger”, “anger” or “laugh”). 

the guys that are here to refinish the steps (oh hey guys, remember how my basement flooded? yeah, the renovation job is STILL NOT FINISHED) all have matching sneakers, like heaven’s gate cult members.

i went to bed wearing my sweatshirt the other night, and woke up not wearing it. this is not unusual. what is was finding it in another room.

if you’re terrified by the idea of riding your bike in the street (and believe me, i don’t blame you), let me introduce you to a revolutionary new technology. it’s even greener than bike riding and you’re actually allowed to do it from the safety of the sidewalk… i call it walking!

this old article, which has been making me irrationally angry since yesterday.

my favorite thing about ham is how it thrives when soaked in random beer and fruit juices scavenged from the fridge. in this respect, ham & i are the same.

since we’re on this topic… the photograph i’ve posted above.

things that are on my mind:

the results of last night’s election were absolutely predictable. the shock and indignation that i’m reading all over the internet since makes me wonder where everyone has been living for the past six months.

not predictable, of course, was the madman with the gun. i feel terrible for the victims and their families. this incident, by comparison with other attacks recently elsewhere, shows what a difference a ban on automatic/semi-automatic rifles makes… thankfully it wasn’t much worse.

maybe now that the election is over, the federal government will stop flying over us with fighter planes. as much as i prefer seeing my tax dollars going to fancy flying machines instead of, you know, sick grandmas and school kids, the constant flyovers are giving me nightmares.

all this cements how little this island has in common with this province and this country. who wants to join my new political party? i’m calling it “moi, montréal”, and the principal platform is that the island of montreal should be a independent city state, where not speaking both french and english makes you uncool, food trucks roam the streets freely, and tolerance is mandatory. don’t like it? we have 20+ bridges for your convenience, so long!

things that are on my mind:

as you may have heard, a neighborhood cat deposited a dead bird on by back steps. i took a photo, but i decided to spare you all. anyways, then we buried it, with minimal success.

on the recommendation of a wise friend, i have manually backed all my phone’s contact info into google contacts. as he suggested it might be, the feeling of relief and accomplishment is intense. 


it occurred to me last night (in line for food at IKEA, no coincidence) that people are more vigilant of their dogs in public than they are of their kids. dog owners are quick to yank their animals’ leashes back, to pull them away from strangers and other dogs and to silence them when they bark… but I saw two grubby little kids manhandle every piece of public cutlery, drop it on the floor, step on it, and put it back in the bin, not to mention leave dirty shoeprints all over a stack of clean trays with nary a fucking comment… perhaps i should start parentshaming.tumblr.com?


the last few days can basically be characterized as a rolling set of obsessions. i have a terrible habit of getting fixated on something and then compulsively wanting to know everything about it. of late, these fixations include: vacuum cleaners, which woods can best mimic teak, the relative cost of replacement cabinet doors, how to diy studded high heel shoes, who makes the best red rubber soles for shoes, the samsung galaxy sII, flood markers, one piece tub/shower combos, the benefit of soaking corn in various liquids before BBQing, and the best place to get something sandblasted and powdercoated.

sometimes, the sheer power of my ability to focus on things that don’t matter terrifies me.

speaking of which, have i ever mentioned how much i hate satin paint? EGGSHELL ‘TIL I DIE.

things that are on my mind: the photo edition.

things that are on my mind:

my neighbor’s above ground pool is either perfecting its audition for the film DEATH POOL: THE POOL THAT KILLS PEOPLE, or it swallowed a badger. 

this should probably be a flood update, but i can’t be bothered to add it there, so i’m puttin’ it here. i was denied the opportunity to change my tanked water heater for a more cost effective and energy efficient tankless one. i was told it’s because it would have trouble getting water to the 3rd floor of my house… you know, since that’s the same problem a tanked water heater has, and the cold water pipe, for that matter. oh, wait…

that is but one nugget of “science” i’ve had dropped on me in the past few weeks. honestly, with what the average person around here knows about this stuff, i feel like i’m at a meeting of the mississippi board of education. 

the thing i wrote about the montreal mirror seems to have taken off somewhat. thanks to all of you for whom it resonated, those of you who chose to pass it on, and those of you that reached out to me as a result.

how full of all you can eat korean bbq i am right now. 

many know that geography is my weakest subject (as evidenced by my relatively recent discovery that slovenia borders italy). guess what i just learned today? spain has not one, but two, teeny tiny parts of the african continent in its domain. 

unignorable in the past few weeks? the consummate strength and integrity of the women in my life, and the comparative emotional frailty of the men in it. the truth hurts, brothers, but i still love you all. 

that 1.5l bottle of woodbridge cabernet that i plan on having for supper.

things that are on my mind:

dogs and bones? not always a good mix. :(

speaking of dogs, bret michaels’ exclusive line of dog products for petsmart isn’t nearly as exciting as i thought it would be. the cowboy chew boot is pretty rad, tho’.

frank ferrana jr., uh, i mean nikki sixx, has a tumblr.

everything i’ve said about minecraft is probably wrong. well, except for the “it’s ugly” part. that’s still true, but now it matters less.

i am thisclose to finishing kingdoms of amalur: reckoning, including nearly every side quest and storyline. i hope the dlc goes on sale this summer, so i can keep the obsession going…

remember the 300 ms points that were being given away to xbl rewards members? i got mine. in fact, as of writing this, i’ve gotten nearly 600 free points. not too shabby.

things that are on my mind:

if you have a playstation 3, and haven’t yet played journey, you probably should. this ~two hour game is a revelation, from the restrained graphics, to the simple, touching storyline, to the incredibly subtle multiplayer integration. it challenges the claims of all those developers putting out their nth iteration of the same game while complaining that they can no longer innovate on 7th generation consoles, with an experience that is unmatched by many full length games. and nary a crate in sight!

between cupcake & hokey pokey, theo hugstable, and caué, this weekend has gone for the dogs, in the best way possible.

you might want get a copy of the new one-off ralph wiggum comic, on stands now. it’s super cute (no surprises there!) and i was thrilled to see sergio aragones take on springfield’s favorite dimwit. how can you resist? he’s in mint conditioner!

if someone were to search my freezer thoroughly, i think they’d be in for some surprises.

there are so many shows good enough to get me out of the house in the next few months, it’s crazy. april 15? lucero. may 2nd? nashville pussy & the supersuckers. june 22nd, corrosion of conformity & torche. total cost? 54$, not horrid. i’d love to go see converge & burning love for an additional 20$ on the 5th of april, but that’s a low priority. far on the horizon lies the real prize fight, however… july 16th’s hairy alliance of def leppard, poison and lita ford, which i fear will lie somewhere in the 100$ range. tickets to those first four shows are available at soundcentral. i know there’s a couple of you out there who wanna come play, so lemme know if you’d like me to grab you a ticket to any or all of ‘em.

speaking of which, i watched the decline of western civilization part II, and i just don’t understand why i don’t look like everyone in that film all the time. 

i’ve written about my parasomnias/weird dreams here in the past, but these past few weeks have been out of control with regards to all this. maybe it’s the spring fever, but i’ve been acting out in my sleep a lot more, both physically and verbally. my dreams are especially intense, and while enjoyable, i wake up mentally and physically exhausted from the energy i’ve extended in these fictional worlds. 

are there any other people out there who feel like after a week or so of ~20 degree weather, we could totally be in for another snowfall?